Uniform Laundry Services

Uniform laundry services is an almost age-old service. For as long as clothing has existed there has been a need to clean it. With indoor plumbing, automated systems, and modern day technology washing capabilities have vastly expanded and the industry has grown.

Laundry is almost everywhere, from your home, to your office, to the restaurants you eat in, to the hotels you visit, the gyms you frequent, the dentist’s or doctor’s office you’re treated in, to the mechanic’s who looks after your car. Every one of these places and businesses is producing loads of laundry through used materials and uniforms.

Though laundry is ubiquitous, what it takes to keep things clean and businesses running smoothly is often overlooked. Our core value is to serve these needs with efficient, economical, and professional laundry services, especially concentrated on uniform cleaning.

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One of the most vulnerable areas for hazardous laundry items exists in the healthcare industry. Gowns, sheets, towels, and uniforms can all harbor germs and potentially dangerous illnesses. Many commercial laundry services process and exchange dirty items between multiple different facilities, so that it is often easy for germs to make their way into an otherwise clean place of business. For this reason, we’re committed to handling soiled items in a separate and careful way than traditional laundry. This helps to ensure that your uniforms are cleaned thoroughly and kept out of contaminated environments so that you can dress for work with confidence.

Though the healthcare industry has rigorous requirements and regulations, other industries also demand the attention of laundry providers for thorough cleaning. The restaurant industry also has stringent hygiene and health rules to maintain clean and safe kitchens. Freshly and properly laundered chef’s whites and staff uniforms all contribute to this overall environment of cleanliness. Transporting this type of laundry effectively ensures that materials are kept dirt and germ-free. Your dirty linens are returned with the crisp, clean freshness of a brand new uniform.

If you want to ensure that your business is safeguarded against excessive dirt and germs you want to select a compliant and professional laundry services company. Your soiled linens shouldn’t be left to just anyone. By using our certified, hygienic laundry service to care for your company uniforms you can rest assured that you’re receiving some of the best care in the business. Our laundry experts, care for clients across the United States and the world over.

The longtime business of laundry isn’t a service to be taken lightly. We’re here to help your business grow by taking the worry and stress out of cleaning your uniforms. Our team of professionals caters to your specific laundry needs. Get in touch today to speak about what service options we offer.


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