What are the best fireproof and water resistant bags to protect your documents?


A majority of fireproof document bags are both fireproof as well as waterproof which ensures complete protection of the documents contained within the bag for up to 60 minutes in the case of the unfortunate case of a fire.

The exterior of these bagsare made of carefully selected materials that reflect heat and keep the contents burn free.Most fireproof bags are designed to be compact to easily fit inside a safe as well as being travel friendly.

What can I store in a Fireproof Document Bag?

Fireproof document bags are the ideal solution for storing your legal documents, cash, credit cards, CDs, DVDs, passports, driving licences, marriage certificates and other documents of value.

Some of the larger fireproof bags such as the one in the image on this post are large enough to store laptops, jewellery, hard drives and other tangible items. You can also find fireproof document bags, which include a lock and key for extra protection.

So what fireproof bag should I buy?

Good question! It really depends on your needs. The size of the fireproof bag you buy should reflect on what you need to store. If storing documents then are the documents ok to be folded? If so then a larger firebag should be used.

Another factor to consider is the heat resistance of the bag. Some only protect items up to 900 degrees. Better quality bags will protect beyond 1,000 degrees however this will reflect in the price of the bag.

One more thing to look at is the layering of the fireproof document bag. Some provide double layer protection from fire, smoke and water.

The best fire-resistant bags are also made of splinter-free fiberglass which is provided with silicone coating.

While the interior of the bag is made of aluminium fiberglass fabric the exterior is made of fiberglass and PVC. The documents can be conveniently kept in this bag without folding them.

How much should I spend on a fireproof document bag?

This is one of the first and last questions for consumers. The bottom line is that you get what you pay for.

Buy a cheap fireproof bag and you are just wasting your money! What would you class as cheap? Well anything below $30 to be honest.

Don’t get fooled by great looking fireproof bags as they may look good on the outside but you are not buying a firebag just to carry your wallet in on the high street or mall. They are designed to protect your valuables and that is their sole purpose.

The best fireproof document bags are ones with little to no branding. Why would you want to draw attention to your valuables? You wouldn’t right?

Where can I buy the best fireproof document bag for a good price?

Well I personally use this company which offer fireproof document bags for under $50 and also offer a lifetime guarantee on every bag purchased.

Other places that you could try are amazon which have a great selection of fireproof bags but always check the reviews before you invest!

Hope that the above information has helped steer you in the right direction in helping you keep your important documents and valuables safe.

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