What Makes Matheran a Unique Weekend Getaway

One of the unique weekend gateways is Matheran, situated in Maharashtra is the only hill station in India which doesn’t allow any sort of motor vehicles i.e. automobile-free hill station. Matheran is 171 kms away from Mumbai and 80 kms from Pune, whichcan be reached within 2 hours from Mumbai or Pune.

If anyone is traveling in a car, they have to park the car down the hill at Dasturi Park and start the walk uphill. Horses are available to move from place to place in Matheran. The tourists have to opt walking or to take a horse ride while in this place. All the required resources like vegetables, construction material, diesel, petrol are taken uphill by the people of Matheran town is a wonderful view to watch.

Stay Options

The houses built in the 18th and 19th century by the Britishers are converted into hotels or resorts in this place give a historic look to the place. As Matheran is busy with tourists throughout the year it is suggestible to book Matheran hotels online prior the visit. The hotels and resorts offer the tourists good services and amenities along with the authentic local food.

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Tourist attractions

Matheran offers historical, natural, holy, adventurous and also cultural aspects to the vacation. It has multiple viewpoints, lakes, waterfalls, trekking tracks, and much more to offer its tourists.


There are around 38 viewpoints that offer various angles of Sunrise and Sunset along with nature’s best possible aspects for wonderful photographs. The Porcupine Point, the Honeymoon Point, One Tree Hill Point, Panorama Point, Echo Point are some of the must-visit viewpoints when you are in Matheran.


The Charlotte Lake is one of the must visit the lake in Matheran, it offers various species of Birds and has Louisa and Echo point nearby this lake.


Prabalgad Fort andIrshalgad Fort are the Forts having historical significance in terms of its architectural value and exotic wildlife and one can find rare flora and fauna. These are the best trekking tracks for the aspiring trekkers.


One can find temples in the hills of Matheran like Ambarnath temple, Pisarnath temple are some of them.


There are many waterfalls in the hills of Matheran, which can be widespread in the Monsoon season and makes awesome picnic spots.


Chanderi caves are situated at an altitude of 800 mts in the Chanderi mountain ranges. These caves require an overnight trek and stay. These caves fill the souls of history and adventure lovers by providing an incredible experience.


The Paymaster Park is dedicated to Hug Malet who discovered the beautiful Matheran. This park is known for its amazing sceneries.

Adventure Activities

Zip lining is one of the activities that is done at 3,000 feet between Honeymoon Point and Louisa Point on a U-shaped mountain is a must do activity for adventure enthusiasts.


The hills around Matheranmake a wonderful place for trekking. Kids, youngsters, and adults can select the trekking tracks as per their interest.

Local Specialties

Matheran maybe a small town uphill but one should not forget to buy the local specialties like pure honey from the forest, Chikki made with peanuts and leather goods.

Little Chowk Point

This point is just 15 minutes away from Olympic Race Course and mostly visited by celebrities. The Gabut point and Kajrat Film city offer stunning views.

As a small hill station,Matheran offers various activities to people of different age groups it makes a Unique gateway for the people. If you are planning to visit Matheran do not forget to book Matheran hotels online for a hassle-free vacation.

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