Which treatment is right for you?

The number of people struggling with alcohol or drug addiction is surprisingly high. If you are struggling with addiction, the first step is always to seek treatment. Drug treatment is usually intended to help those with compulsive drug use. There is not just one treatment fits all, there are different treatments that will vary in length and setting depending on the individual. In most cases one short treatment is not sufficient since addiction is characterized by relapses. For most individuals, they require long term treatment with multiple interventions. If you are seeking addiction treatment in Cliffside Park below are some treatment options available to you and who they help most.

Outpatient treatment
An outpatient rehab program usually offers patients treatment sessions that are normally scheduled during different times throughout the week. The treatment option allows the patient to continue with their daily responsibilities while they live at home with their loved ones. Outpatient programs usually come in a variety of formats with different level of intensity. However, they all focus on counselling, education and providing the patient with a network of support. For those suffering from mild to moderate addiction, this is the best option for them. It is affordable since there are no costs of an inpatient facility. It is also flexible and the program usually mostly works around the patient’s schedule. The most important benefit is the fact that they have access to family. Family involvement is emphasized for encouragement and support.

Family program
Contrary to popular belief, the effects of addiction are not limited to the addicted person but they can contribute to complex family issues. For treatment to be successful it should incorporate the entire family of the struggling patient. Traditionally only the addict will require treatment but in family program, the treatment focuses on the entire group and not just one individual. This approach or treatment has seen high benefits coupled with lower costs. In this program, the definition of family is not set. It could be friends, significant other or even co-workers, whoever forms the support system of the individual. According to research, family based approach has higher rates of success and there is increased after care participation. In this program, the user gains awareness of how their behavior is affecting others and why they need to change.

Addiction treatment therapies
The therapies used in addiction treatment are usually based on the health and the abuse patterns of the individual. The therapy is usually arranged by an addiction counselor and it can be individual or in group. Some of the therapies available at addiction treatment in Cliffside Park include;
•    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – this helps to address thoughts and feelings that may compromise sobriety.
•    Contingency management therapy – in this form of therapy the individual is given positive incentive to stay clean.

If you are struggling with addiction, it is not the end. You need to make the first step and that is seeking treatment.

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