Why A Child’s First Holy Communion Is A Big Deal

The First Holy Communion is a very important sacrament every Catholic child must go through. After their Baptism into the Catholic faith, Holy Communion is the next sacrament of initiation they must go through. During this sacrament, it is the first time a child can partake in the Holy Eucharist, the most important part of the Holy Mass for Catholics. The First Communion is considered as one of the most important and holiest sacraments for a Catholic child.

Here are the reasons why this occasion is very important for every Catholic child (and why parents buy the best holy communion dresses for their kids):

Reason 1: The First Holy Eucharist
Children wearing their First Communion dresses are preparing to take another holy Catholic sacrament, the Holy Eucharist. The Eucharist is a special part of the Catholic mass as this represents the presence of Jesus in the Church. The wine represents his blood and the bread his body. During a child’s First Holy Communion it is their first time partaking in the Eucharist and receiving Jesus.

Reason 2: The Souls Become The Bride Of Christ
The main reason why girls wear white First Communion dresses and the boys wear presentable suits is because it is a holy and joyous occasion that celebrates the souls becoming the bride of Christ. It is in this holy sacrament that children are more aware of their faith. Although during baptism Catholic children are welcomed into the community, it is during their First Holy Communion where they are making a conscious journey in faith and love of Christ.

Reason 3: It Is A Celebration
Parents take pictures and relatives come together because this sacrament is a celebration of the child’s first Eucharist. During the act of Communion, Catholics all believe that Jesus is present during the mass and each mass is a celebration of their devotion and faith. Once a child partakes in the Eucharist they are a full member of the Church, an occasion that must be celebrated.

Reason 4: An Important Sacrament For Every Roman Catholic
To be considered as a full Roman Catholic a child must go through the different sacraments. First is their baptism as infants where they are absolved of their original sins from birth, next is the Sacrament of Reconciliation where the child goes for their first confession. This is a form of spiritual healing to cleanse the soul of misdeeds to prepare for the next sacrament: The First Communion.

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These are the first three important sacraments of the Roman Catholic faith which are followed by the Confirmation, a sacrament for older Catholics to undergo where they accept responsibility for their faith. These first four sacraments must be undergone by a Catholic before they can marry under the Roman Catholic Church. If any of these sacraments are skipped, a couple cannot marry with the blessing of the Catholic Church.

The First Communion of a child is basically one of the first steps they take during their early Catholic years. It is a way for them to continue living under the guidance of their beliefs and will further cement their Catholic faith in Christ, the Eucharist, and the Church. As part of the tradition, parents buy their kids holy communion dresses to wear during the ceremonies.

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