Why many people prefer alternative remedies to medicinal drugs

It is no surprise that many individuals are turning to alternative home remedies for curing minor ailments. Alternative home remedies have gained lots of popularity in the recent years, but it isn’t an entirely new concept. Before the manufacturing of clinical drugs, doctors would use herbs, seeds, oils, and spices to make remedies that they would prescribe to patients. These remedies were so common that many homes grew these herbs in their gardens.

‘Natural’ Bug

It seems that everyone has caught the ‘natural’ bug and preference for organic food, clothing, and medicine is the norm. People associate eating natural food, exercising, and avoiding chemical products with good health. This ‘bug’ witnessed in the choice of medicine and healing systems with many preferring holistic healing and natural remedies. Indigenous healing used herbs and spices such as ginger, turmeric, methi powder. Some of these spices such as ginger and cinnamon have been used to relieve colds and flu. Chia seeds are considered a superfood that improves your immunity. Many fruits such as strawberries contain antioxidant properties that work to fight diseases such as cancer. Knowledge about these remedies has become easy to obtain across the internet.


The cost of antibiotics and pain medicine has increased over time, and this has led many people to turn to herbal medicine. Drug interactions, allergies, possible side effects, and resistance to old drugs are some of the challenges that people face when using clinical medicines that cause them to turn to herbal supplements. Cancer patients have turned to medicinal marijuana to relieve pain due to its lack of side effects, legalization, and cost effectiveness. Many senior citizens also cannot afford to fill their prescriptions and often end up skipping them. The entry of a new drug into the market is often preceded by another drug getting recalled. Some of these recalled drugs were cheaper and more efficient compared to the generic cheaper medications that work less efficiently.

Treatment using antibiotics has become so common that there is an antibiotic for every ailment that could be cured with some rest and drinking plenty of water. Antibiotics are harmful to the good bacteria in our systems and affect our natural immunity. The knowledge of how dangerous some clinical drugs are is spreading fast. Seminars on home remedies, holistic healing practices are very popular, and thousands flock to listen to this information.

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