Why You Should Replace Your Garage Door Opener

The garage door opener is a relatively simple mechanism. Although garage door openers can break down due to various factors, they tend to last for long. Even if your garage door opener is not faulty, there are plenty of reasons to consider replacing it. When it comes to garage door repair Frisco, professional installation and maintenance service providers recommend upgrading to a newer garage door opener. Advanced models offer much higher levels of safety, longevity and convenience. To help you understand why it would be a good investment, here are the primary reasons why homeowners should upgrade their garage door openers.

Noise control

If your garage door opener makes so much noise it can wake people up, then you should probably consider replacing it. A newer model will almost certainly be quieter, causing less disruption than the old one. For older garage door openers, their opening and closing mechanisms employ a chain drive. Check to see if your unit has something that looks similar to a bicycle chain. It should be somewhere near your opener’s motor unit. If it does, consider upgrading to a newer model. Belt-drive and screw-drive garage door openers are the most recommended types. However, even a newer chain-drive model will be much quieter than an older one.

Safety reversal

Today, a safety reversing mechanism is one of the must-have features of a garage door opener. This requirement has been in place since 1993. The safety reversing mechanism has two sensors that are installed approximately six inches above floor level, one on either side of the door. These sensors create a light beam. If something like a pet or child runs through this beam while the garage door is closing, it will stop immediately and reverse. Replacing your garage door opener might be the best course of action if a safety reversing mechanism is not featured or if the one featured no longer works.


Since they are more vulnerable to breaches than newer models, older garage door openers are a security issue. Older units utilize a fixed code for remote control functionalities. Unfortunately, a special device is all that’s needed to find the code, making it easy for thieves to open this type of garage door. On the other hand, newer models have a rolling code feature that changes the code every single time the garage door is used. As a result, duplicating the code is no longer possible, which helps reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access.

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No keys

None of the older garage door openers came with a keypad that could be installed outside the garage. Thanks to keyless technology, you don’t need keys to open your garage door anymore. All you have to do is enter the correct code into the keypad. Depending on the model, a keypad that works with your current garage door opener might be available. If not, this could be a good enough reason to upgrade. Advanced keyless units operate by touch. Because they use fingerprint detection to allow access, these types of garage door openers eliminate the need to memorize entry codes.

Battery backup

In case of a power outage, you won’t be able to operate an older garage door opener. To eliminate this inconvenience, modern-day units come with battery backup systems. Whenever you lose electrical power, your unit’s backup system kicks in automatically.


As homeowners, security is often one of our top priorities. However, enhanced security is not the only benefit you can get from a newer unit. By upgrading your garage door opener, you can help improve the levels of safety, comfort, and efficiency in your home.

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