Work with a Certified Car Appraiser Seattle

It makes sense to work with a certified car appraiser Seattle. This is the right professional to cooperate with to help you protect your classic or custom car. If you are considering or have already bought a classic or custom vehicle, an appraiser can help boost your confidence in your decision to buy a particular vehicle. You’ll know what your car is worth on the market, and this is important information to have if you want to purchase insurance or are settling a claim.

When you do an appraisal, the appraiser will tell you all about the vehicle. You’ll learn about its overall condition, any mechanical or cosmetic issues it may have, and if it’s ever been in a wreck. The appraiser can also tell the quality of any repairs that have been done to the vehicle. With this information, you can make the right choice about whether to buy the vehicle. You can also tell whether you’re overpaying for it. If you’re the seller, knowing the value is critical so you don’t overprice it and miss out on possible buyers.

Purchasing a vehicle is a serious commitment, and you want an appraiser to thoroughly inspect your potential purchase. Taking dozens of photographs and making detailed notes helps ensure your satisfaction with our final report. An appraiser can tell whether the numbers match on an “original” vehicle and lots of other details about the vehicle that you will want to know.

An appraisal can also be helpful, and even required, for processes like divorce, estate settlement, a financial audit, or bankruptcy. With a current appraisal in-hand, you can help the process go more smoothly and eliminate some bureaucratic wait time such processes always incur. Additionally, if you decide to donate your vehicle to charity, the IRS will require an appraisal for tax purposes.

If you’re dealing with an insurance company on a current claim on your vehicle, or you’re shopping around to get price quotes, it is a smart move to get an appraisal done. You want to avoid an insurance appraiser untrained in valuing collector and custom vehicles putting a price on your car. That can result in an inaccurate value, at best. An independent appraisal can help you find the right policy for a good price, and it can back you up in the event you have to make a claim.

Contact a certified car appraiser Seattle to get your appraisal done today.

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